“The Conversation” - a co-production between G2P2 Films, Rada Film Group and Kid Foster Productions - is a series of short films that will serve as an outlet for the deep racial tension and polarization that exists in our communities.

The series will be comprised of 24 short films, each ranging between five and seven minutes. The short films will vary in tone, style, creative vision, location and direction, but each will discuss the same topic: race in the United States.

When it comes to race relations in America, there has been no shortage of rhetoric, rage and accusations - but very little discussion. The series will provide a safe space for communication and honest, sometimes painful, revelations on the subject. Our aim is that the films and their affiliated forums will become places of resolution, opening up the dialogue to make room for fresh voices, new ideas and ultimately change.

"A Conversation with my Black Son" is the first film in the series.


For more information, please contact clare@g2p2films.com